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SBI UPI App Download : Install Official Play Store Apk Link

By | March 14, 2018

So, finally SBI, the largest bank in India holding more than 5 million customers has come up with the newly launched app so-called UPI that can be used for all types of transaction and online payments. The another name of SBI UPI app is SBI Pay; it is also very surprising to see that SBI decided to avoid the so-called name of the UPI. But for the better function in the cashless society, they have finally decided to design for the UPI payments systems. You must be wondering what exactly the UPI stands is for; it is unified payments interface arena along with the SBI.

You don’t have to panic about the holding of other accounts in any other banks, do it is powered by the SBI Pay App, you will be able to register with this app on your Smartphone and enjoy its features. SBI has been recorded among the 18th bank to own their own UPI app for all types of payments whereas there are more than 30 banks which are already accepting the UPI-based payments.


UPI is totally based on the money transfer app which can be automatically integrated with the entire banking app. Using this UPI app on your device you will be able to facilitate instant money transfer with the mobile app without using your bank details.

How to Download Official SBI UPI App?

Here. I will share few steps regarding how you can download SBI UPI app on your device and use for all types of transaction. There is two way for downloading SBI UPI app on your device either you can go through Google play store or through SBI websites. But you will need to make an assurance that you got sufficient memory on your device for the second option to download it. This app is compatible with the most  Android and iOS devices; So, let’s check it out how to download official  SBI UPI appsbi3

  • Firstly, you will need to go to the Google Play Store on your device.
  • Type the name of the SBI UPI app on the search box.
  • You will find many of the apps that are related to the UPI but make sure that you get the right one.
  • Download the original app that you get on the website and store it on your SD card.
  • After the download process is done, you will need to open the file and install it on your device.
  • After the installation is done now, you can open the app on your device and use it. But you wont5 be able to use the app until you register with the UPI app online.

How to login at SBI UPI App?

Here are some of the few steps for login at the SBI UPI App. Please do make sure that you do follow the instruction in order to log in.

  • First, you will need to open the app that you have installed on your device.
  • Login at the SBI UPI App: As in have already mentioned in the above, after all, the installation is done you will need to register with the SBI UPI App. Note that even if you are the customers of ICICI bank, you can register with the SBI UPI app. Remember your mobile number will be acting as user id and a pin to login.
  • Create VPA: This VPA actually helps the user to replace the address of your bank account details that you transfer the money to your respective bank account. Note that to use SBI UPI app on your device you will need to first create a VPA. To create a VPA first, you will need to click on “Add a Bank Account” and select a VPA that is before the domain name.
  • Registration of Bank Account: Once you are done with the VPA, you will need to register your bank account whether it is SBI or any other banks. But for your kind information note that your mobile number registered with the bank should be the saame on which the UPI is installed. This is the only way that SBI UPI App verifies authenticity.sbi1
  • Now Generate MPIN: In order to generate the MPIN on your device you will have to provide all of you debit card details and the ATM pin, as to transfer the money you will be requiring MPIN.
  • Step to transfer money: In the “Receive money” option you will have to select the payer name on it. Note that the payer should be respective registered with the UPI and also the VPA or the bank details as per the norms. As soon as you the payer get the notification from the UPI app, he/ she should instantly approve the payment just by entering their MPIN on their device.
  • How do you pay online using UPI app: This is the same process, just like the other option after you receive the desired product you will just need to approve the payment through the “Receive money” in UPI app it will be just like “cash on delivery.”

So, why to have certain problems with cash, download and install SBI UPI app on your device and start using it today and stay cashless. You will just need to transfer the amount using your device anytime anywhere. If you do still get the problem regarding this app, please do feel free to ask me, I will assist you with your queries.

Jio DTH Setup Box Online Booking, Plans and Welcome Offer

By | March 14, 2018

Jio has brought up a new trend in the telecom market by giving free 4G internet, call and SMS facility to every Jio owner. They have given many free features to every Indian Consumers by providing a free 4G facility in every 4G devices. So till date in the telecom business, they have provided many great features to every Indian Consumers. But now the Jio is coming up with new plans and is soon going to release the Jio DTH setup box in India. Everyone is expecting that Jio DTH setup box will also come up with lots of amazing features and many amazing plans.

So here in this content, you are going to know about the features of the Jio DTH setup and also you will be knowing about the plans in brief. But overall we can just hope that Jio to again come up with lots of amazing plans like they have done in the telecom market. Without wasting any time let’s have a look at the features of Jio DTH setup box online booking.

Available Features of the Jio DTH Setup Box:

In many another online website, you may have seen that they have spoken about many features that are expected to comes with the Jio DTH Setup box in the Indian market. So here in this paragraph, you are going to know about the best features of the Jio DTH setup box.


  1. The Jio DTH setup box is expected to come with normal cable and wire like the other DTH services.
  2. In the front of the Jio Set top box, you will get  USB port which will allow you to easily use your pen drives or another device to store the recorded data from your TV.
  3. Not only this, the set top box is also having Bluetooth features to connect any device on the go, easy Chrome casting features and also Android TV operating system for operating any Android TV on the go.
  4. This set top box also has LAN port in it, so tat you can use the ethernet connection even on the Set top box. These features have made this set top box the best and latest setup box in 2017.
  5. The Jio DTH Setup box will support more than 300 full HD channels on your TV.
  6. Like the common DTH set top box, this also comes with infrared remote features, DC adapter & HDMI cable to do male to male connection.

These are all the features of the new Jio DTH setup box online booking. Here you have known everything about this amazing set-top box, now let’s have a look at the plans of this Jio setup box.

Jio DTH setup box available plans and brief description:

The price of the Jio DTH setup box seems to be very affordable upto Rs. 1800 according to the news with all these amazing features included. There is nothing external cost anywhere in using this set top box, but while fixing the set top box and antennae you may need to pay some Rs. 300 to the one who fixes. So there is nothing much places to spend the money while fixing the Jio DTH setup box. Now let’s have a look at the plan of the Jio DTH services.


Jio DTH services plans:

  • The Normal pack of Jio DTH will cost you some Rs. 49 -Rs.55
  • If you are a sports fan and want only sports channels on your TV then you can go for Sports Pack where you will get all the Sports Channels in HD with only Rs. 60- Rs. 70
  • You can also get a Family Pack which will come for Rs. 200-Rs. 250 according to the channel.
  • Prime Channels in HD are available for only Rs. 60- Rs. 70
  • Dhoom Pack for only Rs. 99- Rs. 110
  • For the Kids channel, you will need to pay Rs. 188 – Rs. 190 for all the HD kids channel.
  • My plan comes for only Rs. 50- Rs. 54
  • If you want you can also customize the sports pack from Rs. 145 – Rs. 150
  • South Ultra comes for only Rs. 199 –  Rs. 250
  • Mega Pack will come for Rs. 199 – Rs.  250
  • For South Indian movies and TV shows for Rs. 120 – Rs. 130

So these are the list of plans of the Jio DTH setup box that you can go for, the prices are very low in comparison to other DTH services. The main part is that you can even customize the plans according to your needs and decrease the prices according to you. So this is all about the plans of the Jio DTH, now let’s have a look at how to do Jio DTH setup box online booking.

How to do Jio DTH Setup Box online booking:

There is no Jio DTH service confirm release date as the trial is still going on, so there is no confirmed date of its release in the Indian market. Same goes when it comes to Jio DTH setup Box online booking, you will need to be active on the internet with the Jio related news. But looking at the rumor, many have said that the Jio DTH setup box will be launched by the end of August 2017, but as nothing is sure so you will need to be active on the internet.

So you should be ready with everything to book this amazing Jio product that is the Jio DTH setup box. For online booking, you may require many of your documents to confirm your address and much more. Be ready to book the Jio DTH service online and enjoy many features and that too at the cheapest prices in India.


So this is all about the Jio DTH setup online booking, the features, and the plans. The new Jio DTH service is also going to bring a new revolution in the Indian DTH market just like it did in the Telecom market. As you have seen the features are very packed and is coming with the cheapest features. So if you are planning to jump from your old DTH service then Jio DTH service must be the best for you. So this is all, if you want to know anything more about the Jio DTH setup online booking then you can drop your comment down.

Jio Phone Booking – Reliance Jio 4G Feature Phone at Rs 1500 Security Deposit for 3 Yrs

By | March 14, 2018

If we are talking about Reliance Jio then the only thing which comes to my mind is the game changer. Since the launch of Reliance jio Phone, the whole telecom industry has changed their plans and targets. Reliance has shown that it is possible to give high-speed internet with such a low price and most importantly the preview offer was just awesome.

They gave unlimited internet to all for free. Now as the offer is on the verge of getting over they are all set to launch their low priced feature phone on the market. Although they have a set of pre-launched smartphones on market but now they will be launching a feature phone.

Reliance Jio Phone at RS 1500 Security Deposit for 3 Years:


The most attractive thing about this phone will be free and they will charge Rs.1500 as a security deposit and will be refunded after 3 years. We know it is somehow unbelievable but they are all set to launch this phone at free of cost. So here we will brief out some of the important topics which will give you a proper idea about this amazing app. There are many people who are actually waiting to get this phone. This step of launching this phone was taken after looking at the success of the smartphone. So let’s check out about the feature phone by Reliance Jio.

About the Jio Phone:

This stage will show you a full detail about the phone so that you can know what are the exact thing this phone is coming with.

  • The name of the phone will be LYF I guess many of us are aware of this name. This is the same brand which Reliance has chosen for the smartphones.
  • This phone will get a RAM of 512 MB which is more than sufficient for feature phone at this price point.
  • Speaking of the internal storage. The device will get an internal storage of 4GB which can be later on expanded up to 128GB with the help of a micro SD card.
  • The phones get a 2MP of a rear camera which delivers a decent amount of picture quality.
  • Coming to the processor of the phone it has snapdragon205 SoC which helps the device get a full throttle of power. With a price of Rs.500 getting a Snapdragon processor is one of the best things the users can expect.
  • The screen size of the phone is 2.4inches which is decent in size but in terms of picture quality, it delivers bright and clear picture quality.
  • The operating system of the phone is Kai OS. which is the custom fork of the Firefox operating system.
  • The battery of the phone is of 2000 MAH which is quite a good one which delivers good battery backup.
  • Speaking of the connectivity of the phone it gets cat 4 LTE band 3,5,40 followed by dual sim and with a WIFI connection. You will also get USB tethering which allows you to connect with other devices easily. The device will also have Bluetooth 4.1 connection which will help the users to connect with other devices easily. Not only that you will also get a VOLTE support with VoWIFI, with a video calling facility too.
  • Messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook can be easily accessed with the help of this app.
  • The device gets a unique design which looks just too attractive and handy too.

So these were some of the most valuable features of this phone now let’s check out some of the launch date and the availability of this phone.

Launch date and the availability of the Jio Phone:

The launch date of the phone is on 15th August 2017 and booking starts from 24th August and will exclusively available on reliance digital and jio store from September 2017. Though there are many more things which are yet to be announced for now this is the latest news about the phone and where you can get it.

So here it is all about the super budget phone from Jio which is at Rs.1500 security deposit for 3 years. With a free tag, this device gets a whole lot of feature on it which gives the users the best of the connectivity features at free of cost. There are many who are eagerly waiting for this phone to come on the market. So if you are among those then it is almost the time to get the phone.

UPI Pay Alternatives App – Similar Apps Like UPI Apps for Androids

By | March 14, 2018

UPI or Unified Payments Interface is one of the biggest revolutions for the banks in India. You can receive and payments via UPI to SBI account. It is the fastest and cheapest way to the transaction of payments. In other words, UPI helps you to create payments via your bank account directly. You must have the registered mobile number with the bank account of you. Your registered number allows you to verify the account. If you do “Sign In” on UPI Pay Alternatives, you will be asked to give your registered or verified number which is linked to any bank to get information. Once, your mobile number is verified through UPI app, and you are able to create VPA or Virtual Payment Account along with mPIN to start transaction service.

UPI Pay Alternatives

To do that you will need to download and install the UPI app. There are more than 20 UPI apps available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store. But, the thing is you don’t know the process or steps to download and install the UPI App on your device. Not only the SBI customer can create UPI account, but also the other banks can create the link with UPI payment service. All you need to do is to follow the instructions below.

UPI Pay Alternatives App – Similar Apps Like UPI Apps are Here:

  • SBI Bank.
  • ICICI Bank.
  • HDFC Bank.
  • PNB Bank.
  • BOB Bank.
  • Union Bank.
  • UCO bank.
  • Axis Bank etc.

So, start using the SBI Pay UPI App by creating an account following the instructions are given above. You must have the active account and mobile number. If you don’t have the SBI bank account, then you can go for the Alternative Upi Pay option.

Features of UPI App:

  • You can transfer money immediately.
  • You can even do transaction, Payments, and transfer on holidays or bank strikes as there no restrictions.
  • Money can be transfer from any bank account.
  • You won’t need to add payee or wait for specific time.
  • You can likewise utilize Bill installments and COD (Cash on Delivery).

How to Download and Install SBI UPI App – UPI Pay Alternatives:

Before you create an account for SBI UPI app, you will need to download the UPI App from the Google Play Store, or you can type “SBI Pay” do search on the internet. Download only one which is listed via SBI Bank. Once you downloaded the UPI App on your device, follow the below steps next to install it.

Steps to Install UPI App:

  1. The User or Customer must have the Active Bank Account.
  2. Select the downloaded UPI App and connect with Currently in use Bank Account.
  3. Now, you need to create your Unique or Virtual ID along with registered mobile number.
  4. You have to give mPIN or Mobile Pin to start mobile banking.
  5. At last, you will get an option to link the Aadhar Number by the individual bank.

Finally, you have done the installation process; now you can start using the UPI App. You don’t know how to register online, right? Stay calm and see the steps below.

Online Register – SBI Pay UPI App/Steps:

  1. You must download the UPI App from Google Store respectively.
  2. Give your mobile number to receive the OTP. Make sure that you’ve enough balance to send back the confirmation message at the same time.
  3. Now, you need to create SBI UPI VPA (Virtual Payment Address) which is the most important part of the registration process.
  4. Link your bank account number to the VPA. You will get two parts in there. Firstly, Desired User Name and Secondly, Suffix in the case of Gmail registration.
  5. After that, fulfil the other details such as, First Name, Last Name, Email Address etc.
  6. Select your Bank Account and give your SBI account number. Click on the “Register” button.

UPI Pay Alternatives

That’s it you have just registered SBI UPI PAY App online. Now to start transferring your transactions.

To Set Up Mobile Pin or mPin in SBI Pay UPI App:

  1. You need to log in Pay App and Select the “Account Management” section.
  2. You will see many options there, among them you just click on the “Set MPIN” option to validate account. See the image below.
  3. Now, you need to give your debit card’s last Six (6) digit numbers including expiry date.
  4. You receive the secret PIN number on your device (OTP). To validate your identity enter it.
  5. Once you finished the process, you can change MPIN and can also set up. Click on “Change MPIN”.


Therefore, All you need to do is to Download UPI Pay App from the Google Play Store and install it on your device. Please share your opinions with us by commenting on the box below.